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Stanford Ranch History

Where It ALL Began

"The history of the ranch started in 1951 with my grandparents Dr. D B and Mrs. Whitehead purchasing the land from a local banker. The property was initially started as an angora goat operation and then transition into a cattle operation with registered Hereford being raised. Later my grandparents introduced Simmental bulls as well as Angus and Limousine cattle to allow the best traits of each breed to create a hardy well balanced herd. 

In 2010 all commercial cattle operation stopped and each heir received their portion of the property. It was my grandparents wish to keep all the property together and pass it along to their heirs but that did not occur. Two thirds of the family sold their property and moved away.


In 2009 Amy and I received our portion of the ranch and considered several uses of the land. We ended up building our home and now raising our children on the ranch. A few years later, great friends of ours, that enjoy camping and the outdoors - Brady and Jennifer Mann - told us that our property would be a beautiful campground. Amy and I thought and prayed about this idea and really started to consider looking at that option.


After visiting with the Mann’s and doing some planning and praying with them, we are now in the process of creating a great place for people to come out and enjoy. In turn we are able to honor our grandparents by keeping their property - in which they worked so hard to attain over 71 years ago - within our family.


We are really excited for what God has for this place and we are honored to allow others to come out and experience the Stanford Ranch.

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